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Tomb of Evangeline

You can find a tomb for Evangeline in the St. Martinville graveyard next to the Catholic Church of St. Martin de Tours.

Historic District

The Historic District boasts of 50 historic landmarks/sites and registered historic buildings in downtown St. Martinville built from 1820 until 1931.

Saint Martin de Tours Church

Saint Martin de Tours Church is one of the oldest Catholic churches in America and the third oldest in Louisiana.

African-American Museum

The African-American Museum tells the story of the arrival of the Africans and the development of the free people of color community in Southwest Louisiana.

Notre Dame Church

The Notre Dame De Perpetual Secours Church in St. Martinville recently celebrated its 100-year anniversary.

Acadian Memorial

The Acadian Memorial was established in honor of the 3,000 Acadian men, women and children who found refuge in Louisiana after British forces exiled them from Acadie.

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